The easiest way to introduce yourself to our work is by watching the excellent talks given by our members.

Better Matching of Blood – Why and How?

Presenters: Prof. Willem H. Ouwehand, Prof. Connie Westhoff, and Dr. Nicholas Gleadall

The role of extended matching for red cell blood transfusion to help sickle cell disease patients

Presenters: Prof. Simon Stanworth, Dr. Sara Trompeter, and Dr. William Astle

The above talk was given for the NIHR BTRU at Cambridge University. You can learn more about their outstanding research here.

Array Data Interpretation

Presenters: Dr. Ute Jentsch, Dr. Barbera Veldhuisen, Dr. Jeremy Gollub, Dr. Nick Gleadall and Dr. William Lane

Iron Homeostasis in Health

Presenters: Dr. Barbera Veldhuisen, Prof. Dorine Swinkels, Dr. Elias Allara, Dr. Colin Brown, Dr. Nicholas Gleadall, and Dr. William Lane