Blood Group Genotyping: The DNA Revolution for Transfusion Care

The blood group genotyping test is now available from NHS England for patients with Sickle Cell disorder, Thalassaemia, and other Rare Inherited Anaemias.

For the first time ever, DNA technology is being used to vastly improve the precision of matching of blood for transfusion between patient and donors by better typing of the many different blood groups.

To familiarise patients with the new test, how it works, and the benefits for transfusion care, we produced a short educational film with Jayson and Hazel, ambassadors and advocates for the sickle cell community, exploring the blood group genotyping test.

With support from NHS England the blood group genotyping test is being made available to all patients with Sickle Cell disease, Thalassaemia and other transfusion dependent Inherited Anaemias through NHS Blood & Transplant.

If you are a patient in England with one of these conditions, speak to your hospital doctor or nurse for more information about the Axiom test and how to take care that the test is being performed using a small volume (two teaspoons) of your blood.

- Please visit NHS Blood and Transplant for more information on the blood group genotyping test

- To find your local NHS providers specialised in haemoglobin disorders, please visit NHS England Specialised Haemoglobinopathy Services

- More information about sickle cell disease is available from the Sickle Cell Society

- More information about thalassaemia is available from the UK Thalassaemia Society