Our Members

Our Members

Cambridge University Hospitals

Country: England

Principal: Willem H. Ouwehand

Alternate: Nicholas Gleadall

New York Blood Center

Country: United States

Principal: Connie Westhoff

Alternate: Sunitha Vege

NHS Blood and Transplant

Country: England

Principal: Andrea Harmer

Alternate: Martin Howell


Country: the Netherlands

Principal: Ellen van der Schoot

Alternate: Barbera Veldhuisen

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Country: Australia

Principal: James Daly

Alternate: Ana-Maria Moreno

Canadian Blood Services

Country: Canada

Principal: Celina Montemayor Garcia

Alternate: Matthew Yan

Finnish Red Cross Blood Service

Country: Finland

Principal: Jukka Partanen

Alternate: Kati Hyvärinen


Country: New Zealand

Principal: Sarah Morley

Alternate: Dhana Grounder

Brigham and Women's Hospital

Country: United States

Principal: Bill Lane

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Country: United States

Principal: Shantanu Kaushikkar

Alternate: Claire Bloor

Blood Transfusion Service Zürich

Country: Switzerland

Principal: Maja Mattle-Greminger

Alternate: Stefan Meyer

South African National Blood Service

Country: South Africa

Principal: Ute Jentsch

Alternate: Lavendri Govender

University College London Hospitals

Country: United Kingdom

Principal: Sara Trompeter

Alternate: Marie Scully