The Finnish Red Cross Blood Service is the nationwide blood service provider in Finland and is responsible for the national collection and distribution of blood and related products. For more information please visit their website.

Country: Finland

Population Served: 5,500,000

Donors: 190,000

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Jukka Partanen
Principal Investigator

Jukka is Research Director for the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service, Head of the Blood Service Biobank and is also Adjunct Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Helsinki. His research focus is Immunogenomics.

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Kati Hyvärinen
Alternate to PI

Kati is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki, from which she was awarded her PhD. As a research scientist in the Finnish Red Cross Blood Service R&D division she is focusing on transplantation genomics, especially kidney and stem cell transplantations, and utilization of genomic information, e.g. imputation of blood cell antigens.